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Feel Like Yourself Again.


Greta Schoenberg

Greta Schoenberg has been teaching dance and Pilates for two decades, helping hundreds of students of all ages and abilities refine their movement and eliminate pain. She earned a BFA in Ballet from the University of Utah before dancing professionally in San Francisco and Europe, including with the Norwegian National Ballet. Greta was certified in Pilates in 1999 and has completed extensive training in specific areas of rehabilitation. She has worked with a broad range of issues, from clients with herniated discs or scoliosis to those fighting cancer. Since becoming a mother of two, she is excited to bring her teaching into a new focus: 

helping moms feel like themselves again. 

Greta also teaches ballet to children and adults at ODC and is the founder and director of programming of the   

San Francisco Dance Film Festival, currently celebrating its 10th anniversary season.



Pilates, Dance, and Fun!

These small group classes for moms and babies teach gentle strengthening exercises and efficient body mechanics to support pain-free childcare and a safe return to your favorite activities. We’ll also include the little ones as we sing, dance, and learn basic sign language, making it fun for them too. 



MAMA MOVES I: Pre-Crawling

 11:00 - 12:00

MAMA MOVES II: Crawling/Toddling

 10:00 - 12:00


Natural Resources

1367 Valencia St. (at 25th)


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Private Sessions

Flow of Movement

Being a mom doesn't have to hurt. 

Troubleshoot pain, improve strength and refine the mechanics of childcare in a detailed one-on-one session. Children welcome. 

Studio Sessions: 

Private: $100 (60 min.)

Duet: $75 each

Home Visits: 

A complete ergonomic consultation for your home, work station and car, with a personalized plan for postnatal or injury recovery. 

Initial Consultation: $175 ( 90 min.)

Follow-up visit: $125 (60 min.)

Keep your village strong! 

Support also available for partners, grandparents or friends experiencing back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, or foot pain. 


"I've had pain for over a decade due to child bearing, rearing and an accident.  Greta was immediately able to identify where I was holding my body incorrectly, and with her gentle cues and touch, she had me in a position that reduced pain tremendously almost immediately.  Greta is a knowledgeable and experienced teacher, and I'm grateful I have the opportunity to work with her."